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List of P101 Names; What Will Be Yours?

My name is Fearless Kristen Eastwick.
I love it so much that I will continue using it once Pirate101 is live.
But what will be yours?

Read our list of Pirate101 names that is currently on the name picker in-game of Pirate101 at: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/p101-character-names

Please leave a comment what your name will be in Live! Can't wait to hear your choices.
List of P101 Names; What Will Be Yours? List of P101 Names; What Will Be Yours? Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Silver Scot Silver, most likely.

  2. .......(dont know what it can be) Mark Sunpyre

  3. Mark, you can look at the list I have made of all P101 names that is available at: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/p101-character-names. You can go and see what kind of names you can create!


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