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Pirate101 Poetry Contest Winners!

FIRST PRIZE: 10,000 Crowns

Battle for Captain Gunn's Treasure 
By Clever Luke Lawson

C'mon me hearties
Land ho!
We're already here,
To the treasure we go!
Ratbeard has been quick and smart
Now to face the Waponi, the battle will start
A thrust with an axe
a fireball or two
Watch out water moles!
We're coming for you!
My witchdoctor blood is ragin' with fury
To get to the gold, I must hurry!
Destroy the idols
Their source of power
Hit 1, 2, 3!
Over them we tower!
Victorious with gold
And great loot too!
Me hearties and I
Have defeated the Waponi Wu!

SECOND PRIZE: 5,000 Crowns

Pirate101 Poetry
By Brandon OwlSword/Humble Brandon Quincy

Arrrgh me timbers
Pirate101’s here!
It’ll be safe and fun
So don’t even fear!

There’ll be bad and good guys
Creatures to defeat
Places to discover
Npc’s to meet!

Captain Avery helps
Don’t get under the heat
As Armada is coming
So get fighting on your feet!
Battles to be fought
Words to be spoken
Adventures to be had
Treasures with tokens

Now that this poem has ended
It’s time to say goodbye
To all those pirates out there
To get wiped from beta, sigh

THIRD PRIZE: 2,500 Crowns

A Pirate Poem
By A Deadly Gamer

Soaring through the Skyways at night,
Not a Flying Fish, Battacuda, or ship in sight.
Feeling the wind flow through my hair,
And praying to Jonah, for some loot in the air.

Living as a pirate may be harder than ye see,
But at times, it's as easy as seen.
Except from the creatures in the seas,
I don't see why it's not great to be me.

As long as I be sailing throughout the Sky,
Captain Xavier Percy, will always be bold.
Now remember that being a pirate isn't so bad,
But if ye become one, I'm sure ye will be glad.
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