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PvP Tourneys vs Packs

So, I was chatting with a friend about the pros and cons of Tourneys. So I decided to compare the costs and the worth of the tourneys as well as packs.

The Arena Tickets

So there's 16th places and right in the middle is 8th which has 450 arena tickets. That's going to be our average. 

4 matches a day on the average. Sometimes there's an extra match or two. But 4 matches a day will be our average since there's never less than 4 matches at least a day. Okay, so 499 Crowns per match times 4 matches a day which adds up to 2000 crowns approx on the average per day. 

I placed 4th and got 750 arena tickets!

On the average, you could have approx 450 tickets per match. So 4 matches times 450 tickets equals to 1800 tickets a DAY. If you wanted the most expensive mount which is 10,000 tickets. It would take you 5 days straight at least of doing 4 matches a day while winning approx 450 tickets at least.

PvP Arena Tickets In Crowns Value

5 days, approx 4 match each. that's 20 matches. 20 matches times 499 crowns... That would cost approximately 9980 crowns total. That means that you're guaranteed a mount for almost 10k crowns approximately. It also depends on how well or badly you do that decreases or increases the costs. But the average is 10k crowns which is pretty good. That's almost like every 1,000 crowns, you also get 1,000 arena tickets.

This mount costs 10,000 Arena Tickets

Looking in the crown shop, the most expensive mount would be on par with the Royal Lioness, Blue Dragon, Dragon Filly. It's SLIGHTLY more expensive than the Owl, but much less cheaper than either one of the Pegasus.

So what about Packs?

Packs are so much more unpredictable. You could spend 399 crowns and get one from a single pack. But then you could spend 20,000 crowns and not get one. Methinks that tourneys are the best method to use if you want a mount, a pet, maybe a snazzy new look or whatever.

Me is the Broke

My Hope For The Future

Now my hope is that even when everyone has what they want from the tourneys that Wizard101 will continue to add new items to the vendors. This will encourage us to keep playing tourneys and give us a goal to work towards to. And hey, it's nice knowing that you're guaranteed items that you can work towards to get. Otherwise, tourneys'll get old quick and less people will play it.

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